Wednesday, 14 November 2012

How your positive memories can help you identify your strengths.

Can you remember times when you felt you were at your best? Events or situations that were particularly enjoyable, interesting or rewarding? Thinking back to past successes can be motivating and inspiring and can be useful to help you remember and notice your strengths. As we are naturally drawn to activities that allow us to use our strengths, our past interests, hobbies and lifestyle can also remind us where our natural abilities lie.
Some strengths develop at an early age and you may have used them throughout your life. These strengths may have shown themselves in your choice of childhood and teenage activities. Can you think of the activities that you enjoyed as a young person? For example, did you like sports, art, reading etc. What activities or lessons did you look forward to the most? Has this changed over time or have these sorts of choices stayed the same?  You may have changed your activities over the years, but does anything stand out as always being part of who you are. For example, have you mostly been sociable, or interested in learning, or organised, or creative?